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Maitland Primrose Group (Maitland) is a privately held investment and financial advisory company.

The firm has approximately forty shareholders with a stable majority held by a family, which has been successfully involved in a variety of business sectors both in the U.S. and Europe.

Founded in 2003, Maitland has invested in and, at times, managed a variety of businesses ranging from magazine publishing and filmed entertainment distribution to land and real estate acquisition. 

From 2003 through the middle of 2011, Maitland’s principal investment was focused on developing the Moving Pictures brand in the business of film and television distribution, publishing and event organization. In 2008, Maitland sold those businesses to a large financial institution but continued to manage the enterprise until June 2011, as part of the sale agreement. 

Additionally, starting in 2006, the firm provided capital markets and development advisory services to a number of clients, both private and governmental, across the globe. Maitland continues to provide this line of services to this day. Advisory services are provided by Maitland Primrose Investments LLC (MPI), a fully owned subsidiary of the Maitland Primrose Group.

In 2011, Maitland focused its investment activities on the real estate sector with particular emphasis on the Arizona market. The company currently owns and manages single family residential properties and land in Arizona and Southern California.

As of 2013, real estate related investments continue to be Maitland’s primary focus, with filmed entertainment investments and advisory services rounding out the firm’s business. 

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